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6 Great Project Management Tools for Students

We have all been students before. In fact, it could be estimated that many reading this article are still students. Being a student is...
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9 Best Study Apps For Students

Study apps for students have come to stay; here’s why.

Staying on top of your studies, as a student, can be challenging because of the many distractions that exist. In the era of technology, using the right tools, particularly study apps, can make all the difference.

In this article, we highlight 10 of the best study apps to help students organize, track time, collaborate with peers, build better habits, and more.

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First best study app for students is Google Calendar, the free and intuitive scheduling app. Easily add your classes, assignments, study sessions, and more, color-coding each event type. Stretch recurring events out into the future with just a couple taps. You can also collaborate with study partners by inviting them to an event created on your calendar. This makes for seamless coordination and communication.

For honing your time management skills, Clockify is another great study app for students. Users are allowed to set timers for different tasks to see exactly. This allows users to track their time usage and see where their time goes. This helps you discover where your time may be spent doing things that may not necessarily be productive so that you can improve upon that. Then, you can define timed targets for yourself and your study group to keep everyone accountable. View handy reports on your time splits across subjects and assignments.

If juggling multiple school projects, Trello can help you organize tasks and deadlines with drag and drop simplicity. Break down large assignments into clearly defined to-do items, due dates, and more using Trello’s signature card format. Invite classmates into project boards for shared transparency on responsibilities and progress.

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For those seeking to build better study habits, Habitica gamifies your goals for extra motivation. You’ll gain rewards for completing habits and lose health for skipping them. Defeat monsters alongside friends as your habit of consistency powers you up. Becoming more organized in school is exciting with Habitica.

MyHomework Student Planner centralizes your classes, tests, homework, and projects in one intuitive dashboard. Configure priority levels for items needing more urgent attention. Set reminders so no critical date ever slips through the cracks again. Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking everything separately.

The sixth app we’ll recommend is StudyBlue With over 400 million cards and study materials crowdsourced from students, it can’t be beat for versatility. Create your own flashcards or leverage existing shared decks. Track your progress over time with helpful graphs. Set reminders so key review sessions never slip your mind.

For a polished quiz experience, Quizlet allows you to generate personalized tests covering your custom card decks. The ability to include images alongside terms makes mastering visually-intensive topics simpler. Review performance data to double down on weaker areas. With wide array of creation and testing options, Quizlet is a top choice.

If you find diagramming lectures to be a chore, let Microsoft Lens lend a hand. Simply snap a pic of the board and watch it automatically crop out the background. No more rushing to scribble things down word-for-word. lens clears the noise so you can focus on comprehension.

Finally, Coggle’s friendly interface makes mind-mapping and brainstorming a breeze. Visually organize disparate ideas into an interconnected web. Collaborate with classmates in real-time editing. Revisit and update your Coggle documents anytime thanks to auto-save. By mapping rather than listing ideas linearly, you might gain refreshing new insights.

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Don’t leave your academic success purely to chance. Empower yourself with the tools that meet your unique learning needs!